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Van Tienen Milieuadvies (Environmental Advice) B.V.

Van Tienen Milieuadvies B.V. is based in Venlo, at the border with Germany and the Netherlands. We are specialised in measurements of Gases in containers and vapours in import containers. Our team of safety advisors also give advice to companies in relation to the (international) transport of dangerous goods (ADR) and waste shipment regulations (WSR).

Gases in containers and vapours in import containers can pose a serious threat to anyone that inspects or unloads cargo from containers. Article 3.5g of the Working Conditions Decree requires employers to test import containers for the presence of hazardous substances, before anyone opens or enters the container. If the gas concentration exceeds the threshold limit value the container has to be ventilated. For companies it's difficult to translate the working conditions decree regulations to their specific situation from a practical perspective.

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